Thursday, November 20, 2008

Six Years of Bliss

Jesse and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary over the weekend. We had a lovely evening out to dinner with just the two of us. A big thank you goes to my parents for letting us ruin their dinner plans at the last minute to come over and babysit for a few hours.

Later that evening, in my effort to be a little romantic (don't worry, this won't get X-rated), I asked him in honor of six years together what are six things that he has enjoyed about our life together. I was hoping to hear things like "waking up to your beautiful face every morning" or "eating your wonderful homemade dinners every evening." I had to laugh when one of the things he chose to put on that list was, get this, Viggo. Yes, he put the dog on the list. The list that was supposed to be about our marital bliss. If you know my husband this should not be a surprise. To him, life just isn't enjoyable without a dog close by. On the plus side, at least I come in second to something that I'll probably outlive.

I love you, Jess!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Two Today

At 2:13 this morning my little stinker turned two years old. He has been such a joy and blessing in our lives. Seeing him learn and grow these past two years has been wonderful. He is more boy than I could have ever imagined but I'm so excited to see how God will use that in Marshall's life for His glory. The Psalmist was right when he wrote "children are a gift of the LORD".

Happy 2nd Birthday Marshall!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Little Dragon

Marshall was a dragon for Halloween. Since I had to work my mom watched him that day. He was able to come with me in the afternoon and finish up the work day with me. Well, we almost made it to the end of the day; we left ten minutes early because he spilled water all over my pants. It was still really fun to have him hang out with me at work.

I was able to see almost all of my nieces and nephews in their costumes.

We have Bailey as a Utah Fan / Clown.
Savannah was a makeup artist. She's the only one I didn't get to see so I better include a picture of her so she doesn't feel left out. This is one of her many self portraits that she has taken with my camera. I'm sure she made a wonderful makeup artist. But look at her, she's beautiful. She doesn't need makeup.
Cannon was Indiana Jones.Hudson was a football player for, what other team, the University of Utah. Sophia was one of the cutest little bumble bees I've ever seen.Valerie was Goldilocks.

Last but not least, Grady was a Saint Bernard.

You don't have to say it. I know I have the cutest nieces and nephews around.

Here's a final group portrait with the kids on Jesse's side of the family.I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!