Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tangible Advice

For the past few months, whenever I tuck Marshall in at night his last words to me as I walk out of his room have been, "Make sure the guys don't get me." If I don't acknowledge what he said he will yell it over and over until I stick my head in his room and say, "Okay, I'll make sure the guys don't get you." I think he overheard me retelling a time I had to wake Jesse up at night because he was having a bad dream that guys were chasing him and he couldn't get away. These guys don't seem to scare Marshall but it makes me feel bad that my little boy goes to sleep thinking someone is going to get him.

One night after saying bedtime prayers and getting him cozy for bed he gave me his standard make-sure-the-guys-don't-get-me response as I was leaving. I believe kids understand more than we give them credit for so I decided to give him some advice that I thought would help. I told him that there were no guys that were going to get him and whenever he gets scared he can always talk to Jesus and ask Him to help him not be afraid. Marshall listened very closely and then said, "And Viggo will rip the guy's arm off."

"Yes, Honey. Viggo will rip his arm off."

Sounds like Daddy beat me to it with advice that may be slightly more tangible for a two year old.