Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Star Valley

The three of us recently took a short trip to Star Valley, Wyoming. I've often heard people refer to places they love and consider beautiful as God's Country. Star Valley is God's Country for us. Don't be surprised if we decide to move there one day.

We stayed in a cozy little cabin at the north end of Afton. It was kind of a last minute excursion and the best part was that we had no agenda. We did whatever we wanted which amounted to eating a lot, trying to fish (the Salt River was too high and was moving too fast and I kept having visions of Marshall getting swept down the river in a matter of seconds), reading (I read, Jesse played his guitar), hiking, a little shopping, and relaxing.

As we were driving along a road that led to Bridger National Forest we happened along an alpaca farm. There was a guy standing outside the little red barn who saw us looking and motioned for us to come over. We pulled over and saw a little baby alpaca with his mom. The guy told us that the baby was only 30 minutes old. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. It was so cute to see this wobbly little animal trying to stand on it's skinny little legs. (If you are eating while reading this or just have a weak stomach I suggest that you stop reading because this will get a little gross.) The baby was so new it was still wet and the mother had not even delivered the placenta yet. She delivered it while we were there and that was when Jesse decided it was time to go; the man can only handle so much. After we got in the car Marshall said "She has a balloon on her butt." Which is exactly what it looked like.

On our way home we stopped at a fun playground in Bear River. Marshall loved this horse swing. They sell these at CAL Ranch and I keep trying to convince my parents that they need one for their barn.

We had a blast and we plan on making Star Valley a regular getaway for us.