Friday, April 17, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Marshall is afraid of the wind. He yells at it to stop when it's blowing and runs for the house if it gets too windy when he's outside. One day when it was windy at the playground, he curled up on my lap so scared while my niece was happy as a lark to have the wind blowing through her hair while she ate her grapes. I tried to explain to him that God is the One who controls the wind and that He cares more about him than even Mommy or Daddy. That helped a little but then Grandpa Dick and Uncle Richard found out about his fear and, in my family, you never want to show your weaknesses because they will be completely exploited; even if you're two.

In my effort to cure him of that fear I thought I would get him a kite to show him that the wind can be fun. I let him pick out the one he wanted and he chose Thomas the Train.

I decided to undertake this little wind intervention in Erda because all that wind has to be useful for something. After hiding around the side of my parent's house for a few minutes he finally let his guard down and joined the fun with Grandma Lisa. He was totally relaxed flying it and sat so content in my lap as we flew it together.

I think my intervention worked!
On a side note, my mom and I took him to a playground and there was a couple there with a little girl for Marshall to play with. As Marshall was walking up the stairs to play he was counting each stair he took, "One, two, three..." The lady there commented to Marshall about how smart he was and right on cue Marshall launched into his repertoire of knowledge with "A, B, C, D..." I couldn't have trained him to perform better even if I tried.