Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's a Start

I've decided it's time to start a blog. I've been stalking my friends blogs for some time now and started to feel a little weird that I knew so much about their lives but they knew nothing about mine. So here is my attempt to share my life with anyone that is interested.

We'll start with Jesse. We met at our church, Discovery Christian Community, but really got to know one another through a Bible study my brother, Richard, was teaching at the time. Jesse started out as my brother's friend but Richard soon played matchmaker and I have to say he did a good job. Jesse works for Fisher Masonry as a brick mason. He loves music and taught himself how to play all kinds of instruments. His favorite is guitar and he's really good. I remember when I first found out he could play guitar I asked if he was any good. He said he was okay. He was being humble. Very humble. He uses is musical gifts to serve the Lord through playing in the band at our church. He is a huge fan of University of Utah football. If there is a home game you'll find him tailgating bright and early. He's even been known to sleep in the tailgate lot the night before the big game. A little extreme, I know. Our first date was actually tailgating with his family at one of the Utah games. He is an incredible father which has made me love him so much more. Even more importantly, he has committed his life to following Jesus and I am so thankful that I have a God-fearing and God-loving man in my life and my son's life.

I (Christa) work for Midvale City as the Administrative Assistant for Community and Economic Development. Long enough title. I graduated from Westminster College in 2003 with a degree in Accounting, which has nothing to do with my current job but that's okay. I'm happy where I'm at and my schedule works good for my family. I am a mom and, therefore, no longer have any hobbies. Just kidding, kind of. Every once in a while I get the chance to cross stitch or read. I haven't made a homemade card in years but I still consider it one of my hobbies. I enjoy working in the yard with Jesse and Marshall. I'm usually the one behind the camera so this was the only picture I could find of me. Good enough. I am having so much fun being a mom and I'm so thankful God blessed me with such a wonderful husband and son.

Now on to Marshall. He is 20 months old and is a total boy. He loves to play with any kind of ball and unfortunately has chosen to take a liking to basketball. I don't like basketball so I've been trying to push any other sport possible. He has recently shown some interest in baseball but eventually I may have to give in to basketball. He loves to play catch with is dad and can throw and catch really well. He likes to play with our two dogs and insists that they are both named Luke. I guess I should mention something about our two dogs. Luke is our insane Border Collie and Viggo is our German Shepherd. They are very good with Marshall even when he is not so good with them. We're working on that. Marshall is very active and does not like to sit still for more than a few seconds. He is starting to talk really well and repeats everything. He is happy and healthy and has brought so much joy and fun to our home.

That's it in a nutshell. This blog will be a place to put down memories for my family since I don't scrapbook (I don't even have Marshall's baby book up to date) and also to give my thoughts and opinions on things. I'll do my best to try and keep it current and interesting but I make no promises. Until next time.


Jill said...

HOORAY! You don't know how happy this makes me! Your blog is so much cuter than mine too. I'll have to get rid of the pink!

The Evans said...

I am so excited that you have a blog!!!

Sara and Family said...

YAY! i love it when people give in and finally do a blog :)
thanks for your memory, i laughed my head off because i had forgotten about that, but it's still true!!!
i remember that you told your mom i was the 'funny one' so when i first started going to your house she would always ask 'is this the funny one. say something funny.'
and i also remember the time that we all took a girls trip to your cabin, i have great memories of that weekend, sadly, they also involve farts...

Tanya said...

christa! i'm so excited to hear about you and your happy family! your still as gorgeous as i remember you. the other day i was remembering you because i was tiltled my head back and laughing like this "BaaaH" do you rememeber us doing that? anyway, your son is way cute!

The Honeycutts said...

Hi Christa! I found you through Tanya and its nice to see your face again and read about how your family is doing. I had no idea you had a little boy. We were pregnant at the same time. My son is 22 months. Do you live in West Jordan I swear I saw you in a SUV one morning. Anyways, you have a beautiful family and hopefully we can all stay in contact better this way. :)