Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photo Tag - Grandpa Louie

I was tagged by my friend Stefanie to pick the sixth picture in my sixth folder in My Pictures and blog about it. Well, it may surprise some of you that my pictures do not have individual folders. They are in one folder in a huge, jumbled, unorganized mess. I feel like Monica from Friends when Chandler discovers the messy closet. As a result, I'm going to have to go with the sixth picture in my only folder.
This is my Grandpa Louie on Christmas day at his house in 2007. He is my dad's father. The most amazing thing about my grandpa is that he has been a wonderful father and grandfather in spite of the fact that he was under no obligation to fill that role. It was his choice. He is not my dad's biological father but he chose to adopt him when my father was about two years old. I praise God for placing this good ole' Magna boy in my family. He as been a wonderful influence in all our lives. This picture is really so great because it captures him doing something that I will forever remember about him - whistling. Grandpa Louie is constantly whistling whenever he does anything from puttering around the house to doing some kind of wood working project. I love you, Grandpa Louie, and your whistling too!

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Stefanie said...

What a great 6th picture! I love your Grandpa Louie too. I've always told you that I look to your Grandpa and Grandma Fisher as my own grandparents. They have always made me feel welcome in your family and I absolutely adore his whistling!