Monday, November 16, 2009

Seven Year Itch

Today is our seventh wedding anniversary. Last night Marshall had a sleepover at my in-laws' and Jesse took me to dinner and a movie to celebrate. We used to go to movies all the time while we were dating and then when we got married Jesse decided to tell me that he didn't really like going to movies. What a dirty trick!

At dinner while I was eating some really messy barbeque ribs I realized that one of the nice things about being married for seven years is that I dare to order ribs on a date and I know he'll still love me when dinner is over. I would have never ordered something so messy while we were dating. Oh, the beauty of seven years of marriage.

Seven year itch here we come!


Linds said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you enjoyed your date.
We went out for ribs the day we got engaged and it was a disaster. I haven't had ribs since.

sweet nectar sara said...

congrats! happy anniversary :)

Stefanie said...

Happy Anniversary!! And yes a very dirty trick!

BreeAnn said...

Congrats! Mine will be 4 years in March. Crazy!

Stacey said...

Happy 7 years!

Fisher Family said...

And I get to hear about our first date when I ordered a WHOLE CHICKEN because I didn't want to slurp my noodles and order spaghetti! It's not fair, I tell ya. Congrats you guys.