Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cuddling with the Football

Marshall has always loved to play with any kind of ball: football, basketball, soccer ball, baseball, etc. And he knows the difference between all of them. I just knew that one day he would want to sleep with his football. Well, do I know my son or what? This is how he went to sleep the other night. He liked the flash of the camera so he kept saying "again" and wanted more pictures taken. What a silly, little stinker!

On a little side not, Jesse told me a funny story about Marshall the other day. He was changing his diaper and must have been holding on to his leg a little too tight because Marshall said, "Daddy, leg broken it!"


Chris and Shelby Bond said...

Christa! I am SO glad you flound me! Your family is beautiful! It is so weird because I REALLY was just thinking about you the other day wondering what your doing now! I'm so glad we can keep in touch this way! Love, Shelby

janeal said...

Christa, it's great to hear from you!!! Marshall is such a cute little boy. It's funny, the last I remember hearing about you was that you were pregnant and now Marshall's what, 2 years old? Well, it's a little late for this, but how's motherhood treating you? Are you still working from home? As you saw, we've got 2 little ones and it is really hard. It's a lot easier than the first 2 months though so I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. K, we'll have to come visit Discovery sometime soon and say hi. It would be great to see you all! :)

Roden Family said...

Hi my friend! It really has been a long time. I'm so glad that you did find my blog...and I will also start to stalk yours as well. You have a handsome little boy! It is so exciting to see everyone & their kids! We will definatley have to keep in touch! Have a good one, Britt:)