Monday, August 11, 2008

Sandoval Family Reunion

Earlier this month we went to the Sandoval family reunion. It still feels a little strange to me that I'm a part of this family. I have known many members of the Sandoval family from the time I was just a little girl. They are a huge family and we have gone to the same church for years. Oddly enough, I have early memories of Jesse's family members but none of Jesse when he was younger. My grandparents and parents all knew his grandparents and parents long before Jesse and I were ever together. My dad played softball with Jesse's dad and many of his uncles back in the days when our church had a softball league. Who would have ever thought that one day I would be related to all these people. It's just interesting to me the way God works.

The largest branch of this family tree comes from Jesse's grandma, Juanita (Jenny) Sandoval. Take a quick glance at this picture of her. She's on the left.
I know what it looks like and, no she's not doing that. I still thought the picture was funny though. Even if she was flipping off the camera I'd have to say she has every right to. This woman had 21 children. No, I didn't transpose that number. Twenty-one children! Could you imagine? I'm going crazy with just one rambunctious little boy. Amazingly enough, she outlived Jesse's grandpa, Max, who went home to be with the Lord a few years back. Jenny now lives in Seattle with her oldest daughter, Ernestine, who is in the picture with her. I come from a very small family so this huge family is kind of foreign to me. I have two cousins. Who knows how many Jesse has. It seems like anywhere we go he says, "I think that guy/girl is my cousin."

Jesse's mom, Anita, organized a bunch of fun games for the kids to play at the reunion. Marshall was kind of little for a few of them but here are some of the kids getting ready to do a treasure hunt. There were pennies hidden in the saw dust for the kids to find. Once they found one they brought it to Anita to receive a prize. Marshall got a whistle and some bubbles, which he managed to break the next day. Bye, bye bubbles!

Jesse played catch with his older brother, Jon, who's standing in the picture with him and Marshall. I think it's funny when Jesse brings his football with him to stuff like this. Sometimes I think I married a teenager.

Marshall hadn't gotten his nap that day so I pushed him in the stroller until he fell asleep. He plays very hard all day long and needs his naps. We all pay if he doesn't get his rest. I got him to sleep for about an hour which seemed to be good enough to make him happy again. This is him just waking up from his nap. He was still a little out of it at the time.

Jesse is so excited because his Uncle Andy let him take his electronic piano home from the reunion. They used it for some music during a service up there and Andy told him to take it because he doesn't ever play it. Jesse taught himself how to play the piano on a little keyboard we have. This piano sounds much better. I'd have to say we definately came out ahead after this family reunion.


ColbandSar said...

Yeah!!! Christa I am so excited that you found me! I love your lil' boy, what a cutie! I need to update my blog and I am going to soon, I've been super sick with this new thing growing in me, but still happy it's there! I'm glad we can keep tabs on eachother this way I miss seeing a lot of peeps from high school and you are definately one of them!

IoaneandShawni said...

Christa! I found you! What a cute family! Did your brother ever tell you that I helped him at work? I knew he was a Fisher, not only by his full name, but by the face. Keep in touch! I'm glad I found you on here!

misty diller said...

hi christa! i found your blog through meagan & jon's. i love that picture of grandma -- too funny! i heard through the grapevine that the reunion was fun - thanks for sharing some pics! it's always fun to see everyone. marshall is beautiful and getting sooo big - wow! hope all is well.
love, misty