Friday, December 26, 2008

Celebrating Christmas

Christmas Eve began with the three of us completing the advent calendar my sister-in-law made for me. Thank you so much, Jill! Marshall and I have loved doing this calendar together. Afterwards Jesse read the Christmas story from his Bible. Then I tried to read a children's book about the birth of our Savior and it was at this point that Marshall stopped cooperating. I'm sorry to say it, but he ended up going to his naughty spot during our Christmas celebration. When it came time for him to get off the naughty spot I told him to come into the living room so we could finish our story. I didn't get any response. So I walked in the kitchen to see him lying on his naughty spot. I said, "Marshall, you can get off your naughty spot now." His little smart response was, "I'm relaxin'." Oh really little boy, because mom's blood pressure is through the roof right now! Anyway, we finally finished our story and he was able to open one present. Christmas jammies! Which he actually seemed pretty happy about and he was really good the rest of the night.

Our night continued at my Grandpa and Grandma Gomez's house. We had a great time with our family and both my cousins and their families were there to celebrate with us. We were able to take a moment out of the busy night to focus on what the party was all about and had Communion as a family. It was a great way to remember why Jesus came and what His ultimate act of love was.

Marshall was an absolute joy on Christmas morning. We started the day off by singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. I think Marshall liked that because when he woke up this morning he asked me to sing Happy Birthday. He opened his presents so well and was really excited about all his stuff - Elmo chair, Batman backpack, Thomas the Train set, a puzzle, toy cars and motorcycle, but I think his favorite was his little bear. We even had time to sit and play with some of his toys before we headed out to my Grandparent's house.

Grandpa Louie and Grandma Mare made breakfast for all of us which included my grandpa's yummy quiche he makes every year for Christmas. After opening presents we played a few rounds of Catch Phrase, one of Jesse's gifts to me, and it was reconfirmed that my dad is the sorest loser ever. Then we headed out to battle the storm on our way to Jesse's parent's home.

We arrived there safely for more family, food and presents. All of Jesse's family was there and I'm happy to report that all my nieces and nephews stayed off the naughty list. However, Hudson kept insisting that what he got for Christmas was "a secret" and I still don't know what that means. He never told me what he got. After presents we were able to get in some much needed nap time. Later that evening we sat and visited with Mike and Anita which was very nice in the glow of the Christmas lights.

We ended the night back at my grandparent's house playing Rummy. Marshall had potato chips for dinner. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Stacey said...

I am so glad you had a good Christmas! Marshall's "relaxin'" comment made me crack up....
I love that you gave him Christmas Eve Jammies. We do the same thing, I don't think our kids have caught on that they always get to open one gift on Christmas Eve and it is always Jammies...LOL. I love this tradition and the kids always seem to love the new PJ's. By the way I love the last pic of You, Jesse and Marshall by the tree.
Loves my friend,

sweet nectar sara said...

you have such a cute family :)
and yes, my aidan pretty much only lines up the cars, never actually drives them.

The Barratt Fam said...

Great pictures and post. I am so glad your day was a great one! I love how kids just complete our lives and make everything so much better. I have always loved the holidays although now they are so much more fun! Love ya!!!